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Porta Romana and Beyond with Lorenzo Senni

From underground raves to niche magazine shops, the electronic musician’s go-to spots in Italy’s most style-forward city. 

Introduction: Nico Amarca Photographer: Piotr Niepsuj Illustrator: Nejc Prah

Lorenzo Senni is an Italian musician and visual artist whose highly technical, experimental flavor of trance music has been widely embraced by the worlds of fashion, film and art. Hailing from the hardcore-punk scene in his hometown of Cesena in the Emilia-Romagna region, Senni ventured into electronic music during his time studying musicology at the University of Bologna, composing scores for local theater productions and art installations under the mentorship of prolific photographer Guido Guidi. Senni eventually settled in Milan, where he continues to evolve his solo music projects, work on his merch and create campaign soundtracks for brands such as Fendi, Moncler and Études. 

While recording his upcoming album, he took a break from the studio to reveal his top culture, food and fashion hotspots as well as his go-to underground music parties. Below, a different side of Milan, featuring locations in Porta Romana and beyond.