City Influence: London

Essential styles from the English capital’s most iconic brands.

Writer: Daniel Rodgers

London’s dynamic style scene is a game of contrasts; a juxtaposition of punk and polished, past and present. From Burberry and Palace to Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, a number of iconic names make up the formidable skyline of British fashion from afar. But scrappy Central Saint Martins graduates are constantly shifting the landscape, showcasing collections from torch-lit garages deep in the recesses of East London. After all, it’s these visionary brands and streetwear-inflected upstarts that have transformed the city into a haven for avant-garde and experimental design. 

Today, the English capital’s style influence extends far beyond its borders, frequently setting the agenda for the fashion industry at large. Below, a selection of 12 pieces from London’s pantheon of homegrown talent.