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Sp5der Apparel FAQ

 An overview of Young Thug’s clothing brand Sp5der.



How do Sp5der hoodies fit?

Sp5der hoodies are a key component of the label’s product catalog. The fit is slightly oversized but not enough to go a size up. Therefore, it is recommended to select your normal size. If you prefer a baggier fit, then select a size up.

To avoid cracking on the prints, it is advisable to clean Sp5der hoodies by hand, rather than by washing machine.

Who made Sp5der?

Sp5der was founded by Young Thug in 2019. A shadow design team operating out of Los Angeles is responsible for the brand’s creative direction.

Who owns Sp5der?

Sp5der is owned by Young Thug.

What is Spider Worldwide? 

Debuted as Spider Worldwide, Young Thug’s brand later changed its name to Sp5der. The label is often referred to as Spider Worldwide by fans, and Spider Worldwide remains the name of the official Instagram account.

How do you say Sp5der?

Sp5der is pronounced like the word “spider.”

What does the 5 mean in Sp5der? 

There are a couple of theories behind the Sp5der name. The first relates to an alleged trademark case, which saw the brand adopt a “5” to circumvent legal issues with the word “Spider.” Others suggest the 5 may have a deeper meaning, such as a covert nod to 5 being an “angel number.”

How to resell Sp5der clothing?

You can resell Sp5der on GOAT or on alias, the official selling app of GOAT and Flight Club.

Where to buy Sp5der clothing? 

You can buy Sp5der clothing on GOAT. For a curated selection of Sp5der products, head to the Sp5der apparel page

What clothing brand has a Spider logo?

The Swiss skiing brand, Spyder, uses a spider logo. Young Thug’s Sp5der applies a spider-web motif throughout its collections.

What clothing brand does Young Thug own? 

Young Thug owns the clothing brand Sp5der.

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