What's My Age Again? Pop-Punk Style Grows Up

From Marc Jacobs to Olivia Rodrigo, early ’00s fashion comes of age through a new generation.

WRITER: Sophie Wilson

When emo and pop punk’s ’00s presence faded away, parents weren’t the only ones who dismissed the subculture and its questionable fashion choices as a phase. But now, thanks to Y2K nostalgia and a new generation of angsty musicians, the movement is back, overflowing with as much pent-up, rebellious energy as ever. 

But what would these clothes be without a fitting soundtrack? Artists including Olivia Rodrigo, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, Willow Smith and Yung Blud all routinely release music that could have stepped straight out of any millennial’s adolescence. Kids who grew up listening to emo bands are now making their own music, and despite their angsty and emotional lyrics, modern pop-punk tracks from these musicians and others are upbeat, infectiously catchy and tailor-made for TikTok, introducing new audiences to the genre millions of views at a time.

And while side-bangs, layered wristbands and multicolored Converse are still more likely to be found in early Facebook albums than on the runway, pop-punk motifs have cropped up in recent collections, from Ashley Williams and Celine to Vetements, Marc Jacobs and even Chanel. Today’s interpretation is a combination of classic grunge mixed in with gothic elements and a dose of anime-tinged e-boy/e-girl style. The revival feels more polished than the first time around with hindsight allowing designers to cherry pick all the best bits.

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