Five Female Entrepreneurs Breaking Down Boundaries in LA

Women business owners of color open up about the trials and rewards of the past year in the pandemic.


On March 8, International Women’s Day, Alex Floro felt an immense amount of pressure. Floro is the founder of the LA-based floral design studio Under New Mgmt and was being bombarded with inspirational quotes about being a “boss woman.” But instead of making her feel proud of her accomplishments, she felt like she wasn’t doing enough. 

“To be honest, I just felt shitty all week,” Floro says. “Women’s Day was coming up [and] I realized I didn’t have anything planned. I wasn’t doing a sale. I started feeling all these pressures, just for myself, like, ‘You’re not doing this and you’re not doing that.’” 

Floro took to Instagram, telling her followers, “It’s perfectly fine if you’re not a boss babe today. 'Killin' it' has nothing to do [with] your worth.” 

Her post was celebrated by women who said they felt the same way. Many of them shared that they, too, were trying to give themselves more grace when it came to their work. 

We talked to five women of color about their journeys as entrepreneurs in their respective industries. They also share how they’ve maintained their businesses amid the global health crisis, the ways the recent social uprisings have impacted their work and how they practice self-care in an unprecedented time. 

Writer: Kailyn Brown

Photographs: Courtesy