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Evan Belforti Is Leading a Sneaker Revolution at Reebok

Catching up with Reebok’s special project designer about his untraditional path to Reebok and how sneakers are carving out a progressive path for fashion.


Evan Belforti always wanted to be an artist. Growing up, his favorite holiday gifts were packs of tape his grandmother would buy from the dollar store that he’d use to build 3-D creatures. As a teenager, when it came time to think about college and career, Belforti took a realistic approach, studying industrial design in the hope it would land him a job quickly. “It’s like when you’re a kid, throwing out all your toys,” he says of this pragmatic impulse. Thankfully for sneaker lovers, his childhood passions for design and fantasy were fulfilled when he landed the role as the special projects designer at Reebok.

Scenes of Belforti at work in the Brooklyn Navy Yards.   
Belforti at work in his Brooklyn studio.    

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