A Closer Look at Bricks & Wood's New Balance Collab

Dani Barraza on how the collaborative 57/40 bridges heritage & the future.

Photographer: Franco Zulueta Writer: Rae Witte

Dani Barraza never expected to be working on a monumental collaboration with legendary footwear brand New Balance. After all, it was only a few years ago she threw out her original career plan for something she truly believed in: Kacey Lynch’s South Central LA-born and based Bricks & Wood. “I just knew it was the right move; now look at where we are,” she says, on the verge of the company’s biggest collaboration to date: a New Balance sneaker. 

While evaluating whether or not fashion was the end game for her, an interview with Lynch quickly transformed into day one of work. She’d soon become the first full-time employee and eventually the COO of the brand. Today Barraza laughs when she recalls Lynch sharing that, at this point, she could do everything wrong and it wouldn’t matter because her loyalty and alignment with the brand are unmatched. 

Below, Barraza opens up about Brick’s & Wood’s first major sneaker collab, her career journey and more. Discover the Bricks & Wood x New Balance 57/40 here.