Jun Takahashi’s Playlists Are Hidden Gems of Deep Cuts and Cult Classics

Peek into the UNDERCOVER designer’s sonic ethos with a collection of tracks spanning punk, psych rock, Japanese pop, electronica, soul and more.


UNDERCOVER’s Jun Takahashi is known as much for his technical prowess and subversive sophistication as his sly, poetic vision. The Tokyo-based designer got his start creating T-shirts inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s infamous Seditionaries, with his love of punk informing his earliest UNDERCOVER pieces. Since launching the brand in 1990, Takahashi has woven The Jesus and Mary Chain’s eponymous debut album onto a Perfecto jacket, dreamed up imaginary bands for a fictional record label that eventually became a real one, and imbued garments with references based on various musical scenes’ tribal identities.