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8 of the Greatest Forgotten Nike Silhouettes of All Time

From mid-’80s hiking silhouettes to Y2K running shoes, discover esoteric Swoosh styles curated by @nike_server.


If you’ve been bombarded with a deluge of obscure Nike sneakers while scrolling through Instagram lately, chances are they ended up there courtesy of @nike_server, aka Linus Nutland. Establishing the handle during his university years, the page has blossomed into a one-stop collector’s resource for the weirdest and most wonderful designs to emerge from Beaverton’s footwear laboratories. You won’t find any Air Jordan 1s or Air Max 95s here. Instead, it’s about pre-ACG hiking curiosities, ’90s hybrids and rarefied releases by the HTM team. Highlighting each silhouette with arcane, origin-related tidbits, Nutland has managed to build a successful community of like-minded aficionados, nurturing expert-level, if-you-know-you-know discourse. Consider it a digital sanctum for the most hardcore Swoosh fanatics.

Naming every Nike footwear model throughout its long history is a nearly impossible, Herculean task, so Nutland embarked on a journey of flagging some of his favorites that have been lost to the annals of time. Arranged chronologically, discover eight of the greatest forgotten Nike silhouettes, from samples to under-the-radar design breakthroughs.