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10 of the Best Supreme T-Shirts of All Time

From box logos to logo flips, a look back at the tees that helped transform Supreme from NYC secret to global icon.

Writer: Ian Servantes

With the exception of the box logo hoodie, there’s no single garment as quintessentially Supreme as the graphic T-shirt—a garment that’s remained the primary means of expression for the brand since it was founded in 1994 by James Jebbia.

Taking notes from Shawn Stussy and his visionary namesake brand, Jebbia imbued the style with the era’s most influential subcultural references, including hip-hop, punk and skateboarding. The idea was profound in its simplicity, soon transforming the silhouette from streetwear staple to fashion icon.

Before widespread internet adoption and decades prior to the advent of social media, wearing T-shirts featuring the likeness of Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle or the Supreme name written in Arabic signaled you were part of a rarified tribe. Adding to the product’s allure was a sense of scarcity. Owning a Supreme tee meant you were in the know, up on the cosmic shift taking place on the streets of New York City.

Nearly 30 years later, Supreme T-shirts remain an iconic marker of global style, a position reinforced seasonally through weekly drops, one-off collaborations and retro releases. With hundreds of T-shirts released in nearly three decades of business, here are 10 of the best in chronological order.