Best Basketball Shoes in 2023

From Nike and Jordan to adidas and Under Armour, an overview of the year’s best basketball sneakers.




Best Nike Basketball Shoes

  • Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 – The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 is engineered to minimize ground contact while improving overall control and lateral stability. It is fine-tuned for speed-focused players.
  • Nike Air Zoom GT Jump – The Nike Air Zoom GT Jump is equipped with several innovative technologies, including a JumpWire upper, stacked Zoom Air unit and full-length Zoom Air Strobel. 
  • Nike LeBron 20 – The LeBron 20 is the first performance shoe in LeBron James’s signature line to debut as a low-top. One of the basketball icon’s lightest-ever silhouettes, it incorporates speed-abetting features such as Zoom Air and a carbon fiber midfoot shank.
  • Nike KD 15 – The Nike KD 15 is a strong all-rounder that offers traction on every type of court. The Kevin Durant signature incorporates a full-length Air Zoom Strobel unit, encased by soft foam.
  • Nike PG 6 – Tailored for Paul George’s two-way style of play, the Nike PG 6 is crafted with innovative React Foam technology that assists a smooth ride and springy response.
  • Nike Kyrie Low 5 – The Kyrie Low 5 is a foundational model well-suited to players with a speed-driven game. It places a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, with soft cushioning in the midsole. 
  • Nike Ja 1 – The Nike Ja 1 is inspired by Ja Morant's vigorous style of play, incorporating hand-written notes and other aesthetic flourishes that pay homage to team Morant. The silhouette incorporates a midfoot lockdown system, forefoot Zoom Air bag and raised sidewall guardrail, all coming together for a dynamic fit, support for landing and a responsive ride.
  • Nike Zoom LeBron NXXT Gen - A foundational model in LeBron James’ signature line, the Zoom LeBron NXXT Gen is designed for speed and power, two key elements of James’ legendary game. Breathable, open-hole mesh appears throughout the upper, with Zoom Air in the forefoot and heel for energy return. On the outsole, a multi-directional traction pattern is inspired by a map of Akron, Ohio, where James grew up.

Best Jordan Basketball Shoes

  • Air Jordan 36 – Pushing the boundaries of lightweight basketball innovation, the Air Jordan 36 is built around a jacquard Lenoweave fabrication that contours to the foot and provides support. 
  • Air Jordan 37 – Featuring design elements reminiscent of the Air Jordan 7, the Air Jordan 37 is focused on providing a bouncy step. Technical specifications include a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit and an additional Zoom Air unit placed below the forefoot, while a carbon fiber midfoot shank helps offset the load.
  • Jordan Luka 2 – The Luka 2 is the sophomore design in Luka Dončić’s signature Jordan Brand series, created for nonlinear movements, a key component of Dončić’s unique game. A full-length Formula 23 foam combined with a flexible IsoPlate offers lateral support, while a medial Cushlon 3.0 wedge helps keep the foot stable.
  • Jordan Zion 2 – The Jordan Zion 2 is designed to support the ankle when making lateral cuts. Like Zion Williamson, the sneaker packs plenty of power, and is well-matched to physical players due to the decoupled Strobel engineering that allows for extra Zoom Air at the forefoot.

Best adidas Basketball Shoes

  • adidas Trae Young 1 – Trae Young’s first signature sneaker, the adidas Trae Young 1 is a low-cut silhouette that employs Boost cushioning in the midsole. The design is optimized for players who prefer to carry less weight.
  • adidas Dame 8 – The adidas Dame 8 is infused with full-length Bounce Pro, offering a mix of balance and support. The Damian Lillard shoe’s unique outsole supports cutting plays and explosive acceleration.
  • adidas Don Issue 4 – One of Donovan Mitchell’s lightest shoes, the D.O.N. Issue 4 combines a jacquard Lightlock upper and lacing system with a Lighstrike midsole that aids propulsion. 
  • adidas Harden Vol. 7 – The seventh iteration in James Harden’s signature adidas series, the Harden Vol. 7 is equipped with Boost cushioning and Lightstrike foam. The retrofuturistic aesthetic is characterized by a knit bootie adorned with textile quarter panels for improved protection.

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes

  • Curry Flow 10 – For the Curry Flow 10, Under Armour slightly tweaks the Flow cushioning for even quicker stops. Warp technology throughout the upper is abetted by built-in locking belts that keep the foot secure during intricate movements, while nonlinear plays are further amplified by an internal midfoot shank. 
  • Under Armour Flow FUTR X – Building on past innovations, the Under Armour Flow FUTR employs Flow tooling that helps bite the court. A midfoot strap with lace integration keeps the foot in place, while a Pebax shank improves stability.
  • Under Armour Embiid One – Under Armour’s Embiid One is Joel Embiid’s first signature sneaker. Integrating Micro-G and Hovr technology that provides cushioning and improved energy return, the silhouette is suited to power forwards and guards alike.

Best Basketball Shoes From Other Brands

  • New Balance Two WXY V2 – In 2021, New Balance introduced the Two WXY, catering to versatile basketball players proficient in both offense and defense. This innovative design employs vibrant uppers made with Kinetic Stitch technology, providing enhanced performance on the court. The shoe incorporates a FuelCell midsole and bouncy ABZORB cushioning at the heel, ensuring superior comfort and responsiveness during gameplay.
  • Way of Wade Son of Flash – Way of Wade is the signature sports brand by Li-Ning and Dwyane Wade. Built specifically for outdoor play, the Son of Flash silhouette features a fully synthetic upper, mounted upon a Cloud Foam midsole with Boom cushioning in the forefoot and heel.


Best Overall Basketball Shoes for Guards 


Best Overall Basketball Shoes for Power Forwards and Centers

Top Basketball Shoes

Where to buy basketball shoes?

You can buy basketball shoes on GOAT. Explore a selection of basketball shoes.

What new basketball shoes are coming out? 

Are basketball shoes good for running?

Basketball shoes are suitable for light runs and recreational exercise. For longer distances, a specialist running shoe is recommended. For more information, consult our running shoe guide.

How to clean basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes react well to most specialist shoe-cleaning products. For more sneaker cleaning tips, consult our cleaning guide.

Can you wear basketball shoes for volleyball?

Basketball shoes are an ideal substitute for volleyball shoes, offering similar traction as shoes designed specifically for volleyball.

How should basketball shoes fit?

Basketball shoes should fit snug. A thumbnail’s worth of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe is an ideal size.

How to break in basketball shoes?

The simplest way to break in basketball shoes is to wear them every day, even for light 15 to 20 minute drills. Additionally, wearing a thick pair of socks can help expand the shoe material.

Are Jordans good basketball shoes?

Yes, Air Jordans are good basketball shoes. Originally designed as Michael Jordan’s signature footwear line, Air Jordans have been a staple basketball shoe since debuting in 1985. Today, newer Air Jordan models are considered most suitable for playing basketball.

What basketball shoes does Timothée Chalamet wear?

Timothée Chalamet wore the adidas Trae Young 2 ‘Green Mint’ in a pickup game in New York City alongside fellow actor Adam Sandler.