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GOAT Black Friday 2022

Welcome to Black Friday 2022, a week-long event that brings together the global GOAT community for the opportunity to participate in a variety of Drops, Auctions, Raffles and more. Each day you’ll be able to earn tickets and enter to win exclusive prizes, purchase rare designer items and create stylized Spaces.


Tickets are required for Black Friday Raffles, Drops and Auctions. Every participant is awarded a set amount of tickets upon entry, but additional tickets can be earned by engaging with the GOAT app and actively participating in the Black Friday event. Tickets will be automatically added to your tickets page based on your activity.

Drops and Auctions will be locked and require specific ticket types to enter. To unlock a Drop or Auction, select an event from the GOAT Black Friday Schedule and click Unlock. You must then apply the tickets required to participate. Once unlocked, you can enter the event at the designated start time.


Set reminders for Raffles, Drops and Auctions in the Black Friday Schedule. Click the Reminder button for an event you can’t miss and receive a notification 10 minutes prior to start time.

Alter Egos + Spaces

Experiment with your style throughout Black Friday with Alter Egos and Spaces. At the beginning of each day, you’ll be presented with a different Alter Ego and three opportunities to create your own unique Alter Ego Spaces.

During Black Friday, you can customize and create Spaces to your liking using items from each Alter Ego’s exclusive collection. Your Space must contain at least one item and no more than 50 items in order to submit. Once you have submitted your Space, it can be viewed by the GOAT community as well our editors.

If your Space is selected as a winner or highlighted as an Editor’s Pick, you will receive additional tickets to participate in Auctions, Drops and Raffles.

Tickets are not required to create Spaces.


Raffles will be available to enter throughout the entirety of Black Friday 2022 and new items will be added daily.

Raffles provide an opportunity to win rare prizes. To enter for a chance to win, select a prize in the Raffle section located in the Black Friday Schedule then apply your tickets. The number of tickets applied to a specific Raffle item increases your chances of winning.

Winners will be selected, and notified, at the close of each Raffle.


Auctions provide the opportunity to bid on and potentially win one-of-a-kind items.

After you have unlocked an Auction, you can enter at the designated start time. The estimated value of the Auction item will be presented prior to bidding. We suggest that you place your bid at or above this value for the best chance to win. Once you have entered your payment and shipping information, you will be able to place your initial bid.

If you place one of the five highest bids in the first round, you will advance to the final round where bidding begins at the top bid price submitted during the prior round.

Each Auction finalist will have a chance to place a new bid. If you place the highest bid in the final round, you will win the Auction item.

You will only be charged if you placed the highest bid during the final round of the Auction. Applicable taxes, duties and surcharges will be applied at checkout. You will receive an email confirming your purchase if your payment is successful. If your payment method on file cannot be charged, you will be given 30 minutes to complete your order before the item is no longer available for purchase.


Drops will occur multiple times a day during the week and provide the chance to purchase exclusive items at or below retail value.

Once you’ve unlocked a Drop, you can enter at the designated start time. After providing your payment and shipping information, you will enter the Drop queue. Drop items will be limited in quantity and available for purchase at a special price. Items included in Drops are only available for a limited time or until sold out.

You will only be charged if you win the Drop item and the purchase is confirmed. Applicable taxes, duties and surcharges will be applied at checkout.