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GOAT Clean Process
Scrubbing the Shoes01/06

Scrubbing the Shoes

We scrub every inch of these shoes so they come out spotless and looking like new.
Rinsing the Laces02/06

Rinsing the Laces

Each shoelace is rinsed clean with our solution.
Washing the Insoles03/06

Washing the Insoles

We wash the insoles to ensure they look and feel fresh.
Lint Removal04/06

Lint Removal

Lint is removed for a crisp inner lining.
Smoothing the Creases05/06

Smoothing the Creases

We carefully smooth out creases to make the shoes look like new.
Grading the Sneakers06/06

Grading the Sneakers

Our team of trained specialists assesses each pair of GOAT Clean shoes and assigns scores to specific areas. The scores are then combined for an overall grade.
Like New: Minimal to no signs of wear.
Excellent: Slight wear on tread with minimal creasing.
Very Good: Gentle wear with some creasing, scratches, and/or slight discoloration.
Good: Moderate wear with visible creasing, scuffing, and/or discoloration.
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