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Decoding the Sci-Fi Style Matrix

A wave of futuristic garments for fashion’s new frontier.

Writer: Sophie Wilson

At a time when much of daily life feels so uncertain, daring to dream of a better world feels like a radical proposition. In the last few years, fashion designers have delivered their own interpretation of this promising future, filtering Y2K aesthetics through the lens of techno-utopianism. Sci-fi-inspired fonts and metallic materials now meet low-rise pants and slogan tees regularly. Elements from the era of cyber-idealism abound, referencing a time when society was hopeful about the potential of new technologies to create positive change.

Beyond turn-of-the-century inspirations, the movement looked to blockbuster movies that placed sci-fi front and center in our collective imaginations. From Dune and Black Widow to The Matrix Resurrections, 2021’s biggest films brought distinctive outfits for navigating faraway worlds to the forefront of style. A similar spirit of ultra-utilitarianism could be found across streetwear and luxury, interpreted by designers who incorporated pockets, weather-proof fabrics and modular details into seasonal pieces. 

Here we construct a uniform for the furthest reaches of the galaxy, selecting sci-fi staples from Raf Simons, 1017 ALYX 9SM and others.