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    Willy Chavarria Is Safe From Harm For Fall/Winter 2024

    The veteran designer creates a world of warmth and welcome at New York Fashion Week.


    Despite consistently being one of New York Fashion Week’s headline events, Willy Chavarria’s work epitomizes his unique vision, referencing his roots in the cultures native to the American West Coast. With a diverse resume that counts time with household names like Dickies, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, it’s in his eponymous label where his work feels the most introspective and reverential. “My goal is to bring an aspect of realness to fashion. I want the looks to tell stories about the people who wear them,” he explains to GOAT. For Fall/Winter 2024, Chavarria did just this, blending elements of NYC’s hard-edged grittiness with accents that recall his upbringing in rural California.

    As the Willy Chavarria show came to a close, models gathered around a table alongside the designer, creating an image of familial closeness that recalled Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper.’   
    Western-inspired motifs such as cowboy hats appeared on the runway. The references nod to Chavarria’s roots in California’s San Joaquin Valley.   
    Models line up backstage at Willy Chavarria's Fall/Winter 2024 ‘Safe From Harm’ presentation, held in Brooklyn, New York on February 9, 2024.   
    Chavarria signatures, including oversized proportions, arrived in the form of exaggerated collars, angular shoulders and flowing trousers. A selection of bags were introduced alongside the collection, including a leather folio bag adorned with Chavarria’s initials rendered in gold.   
    Gold jewelry accented several looks in the collection, often paired with tracksuit-inspired styles embroidered with the designer’s name written in script.   
    Looks captured backstage at Willy Chavarria’s Fall/Winter 2024 ‘Safe From Harm’ presentation.   
    The models recreated Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' towards the end of the seasonal showcase.