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Your At-Home Movie Watchlist, Courtesy of Raf Simons

10 must-watch films and series that inspired the legendary designer.

Writer: Brock Cardiner

Belgian designer Raf Simons has shaped trends in fashion, particularly in menswear, for over two decades. Drawing on references both obscure and well-known, Simons places these elements within his seasonal collections, using these touchpoints to critique wider pop culture. Nowhere is this more evident than in his designs that directly reference films. 

From Steven Spielberg’s Jaws to David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, Simons’ use of films as cultural touchstones has been a constant throughout his career, whether at his namesake label, Dior, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC or Jil Sander.

Now's a better time than ever to brush up on your film history from the comfort of your own couch. Here are 10 films to stream now, helpfully 'curated' by Raf Simons himself.

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