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Sarah Andelman Brings Back colette’s PSG Jersey From 2017

The Parisian fashion visionary re-releases the celebrated collaboration exclusively on GOAT.


There are concept stores and then there is colette. Opened by Sarah Andelman and her mother Colette Roussaux in 1997, it’s been almost six years since Paris bid adieu to the world’s most free-spirited boutique. When surveying today’s retail landscape, its absence is still sorely felt. A tchotchke-crammed mecca of fashion, art, design, music, food, cosmetics, technology, media, stationery and just about anything else that fit in with Andelman and Roussaux’s if-it's-dope-lets-stock-it philosophy, the late Karl Lagerfeld memorably proclaimed colette as his favorite shopping destination. Need a statement dress fresh off the runway? Oxygen-infused water from a bespoke water bar with over 100 options? A €7,000 watch? colette covered all the bases. 

Defiantly unique and the most Parisian of Parisian institutions, colette inevitably forged a close relationship with Paris Saint-Germain, arguably the brightest beacon in the City of Lights. From placing the famous Louis Vuitton-inspired third jersey in the shop window in 2006 to revamping the space as a Zlatan Ibrahimović-themed wonderland ahead of the Swedish icon’s 2015 fragrance launch, Andelman and her team played a pivotal role in PSG’s ascent to the forefront of style. It was a natural coming together, eased by the fact many store employees could be found at the Parc des Princes cheering on the team every weekend.

SARAH wears a PSG x Edifice jacket from 2022, a PSG tee from 1995 and a skirt by Wales Bonner.   
Created for the closure of the Parisian institution, the boutique's collaborative PSG jersey features colette iconography. Exclusively for 'People of Paris' 2023-24, the jersey returns in a limited run of 300 units.   

I’m glad we left these happy souvenirs and I’m grateful people remember colette six years later.

Sarah Andelman

Paris Saint-Germain's crest lands on the left chest. The design is notable for implementing the Eiffel Tower and a fleur-de-lis.   

We were moved when PSG proposed the exclusive jersey in 2017 as a tribute, nine days before colette closed.

Sarah Andelman