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Chaos Academia: Preppy Styles Get an Alternative Makeover

From Miu Miu and Thom Browne to Celine and Chopova Lowena, designers taking collegiate-inspired staples to anarchic new highs.


Inspired by the resurgence of normcore minimalism and the chaotic messiness of early-’00s indie sleaze, preppy, academic-inspired clothing is back at the forefront of fashion. While this style is happening at the same time as the TikTok virality of #quietluxury and #oldmoney, today’s take on prep is done with a wink. It’s not cosplaying as someone with a yacht, but rather modernizing and customizing styles associated with elite academia and cerebral circles, embodying both book-smart and street-smart sensibilities.

Miu Miu   
Thom Browne   
Miu Miu; SS Daley   
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