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Home to iconic streetwear and luxury brands, a curated selection of styles from Aimé Leon Dore, Marc Jacobs, Telfar and more.

Writer: Scarlett Newman

As one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities, New York City is home to a number of iconic brands that are considered household names today. While some have been around for decades and others have just recently broken through the noise, the seasonal energy around each helps set the tone for the latest trends in streetwear and luxury worldwide. The former continues to be a dominant force in the city, led by brands such as Supreme, Kith and Aimé Leon Dore, while Helmut Lang, Eckhaus Latta and others anchor NYC to its artful, high-fashion roots.

Today, the ongoing efforts of both streetwear upstarts and prominent fashion houses to democratize the industry have paved the way for an eclectic and unprecedented wave of talent to shine. Take Telfar, whose wildly popular Shopping Bag has solidified the label as a hometown hero; or Marc Jacobs, who continues to build on his nearly 40-year legacy with headline-grabbing collections season after season.

Below, discover curated pieces from both institutional and independent brands driving the conversation around New York City fashion.