Peckham And Beyond With Deema

The ascendent South East London rapper on finding inspiration at the top of Telegraph Hill and never wandering north.


Beyond is a series featuring the cities, neighborhoods and places that inspire creatives around the world.

Rising rap talent Deema hails from South East London. First gaining notoriety  as Square-member Elf Kid’s hype man, Deema has since embarked on a solo career, releasing a number of singles and EPs over the past few years. August 2021 marked the launch of Deema’s most recent collection of tracks, Rainbow.

To celebrate the occasion, we caught up with the young emcee to learn about the London locations that marked his life and influenced his musical journey. From remarkable views inspired by his track “Rainbow” to perfect first-date dining inspired by his tune “Maddie,” Deema’s most cherished destinations are a fitting echo of his own image: eclectic and playful.

Beanie and t-shirt by Schott; sunglasses by Prada; Stüssy jacket; tie by Dior x Shaun Stüssy; sweater by Acne Studios; rings Deema's own.   
Top by Rick Owens; vest by British Mustard; trousers by Stüssy; scarf by Alexander McQueen; rings Deem's own.   
T-shirt and trousers by Stüssy; boots by Timberland; bag by Jimmy Howe; necklace and bracelet Stylist's own; rings Deema's own.   
Hoodie and trousers by Stüssy; vest and bracelet Stylist's own; rings Deema's own.