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    Indie Sleaze: The Y2K Hipster Club Aesthetic Returns

    From Pete Davidson to Celine, the hedonistic party scene of the mid to late ’00s makes a comeback.


    Once upon a time, rent was much cheaper, leggings were shinier and parties were happening every night of the week. To the pandemic-weary, this might sound like a fairy-tale fever dream, but it wasn’t long ago that indie sleaze reigned over Los Angeles, London and New York in all its messy, hedonistic glory. Jeffrey Campbell platform heels, American Apparel disco pants, a graphic tee and a $5 ticket were all you’d need for the hottest basement party or bloghouse gig that you heard about on Myspace or Facebook. 

    An unholy amalgamation of ’80s extravagance and ’90s grunge, Gen Z are reinterpreting the look of the mid-aughts for the modern wardrobe. It’s easy to see the appeal, especially for those who spent part of their teens and twenties in lockdown. A desire for carefree partying and nostalgia for an era before smartphones are contributing factors, as is the trend’s scope for experimentation and imperfection.