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Meet Harriet Davey, the 3D Artist Embracing Otherworldly Forms

The Berlin-based artist on virtual worlds, online alter-egos and the future of digital art.


In a world in which more and more faces mimic those of the Kardashians and face filters continually flatten already-narrow norms, those who push against prescriptive aesthetics aren’t just rare: They’re radical. Among them are a new crop of artists reimagining the human form in beautiful, expansive—and yes, Instagram-ready—new ways.

There’s Fecal Matter, the Montreal-based couple who utilize prosthetics and fashion like their signature skin boots to challenge perceptions of gender and the body, showcasing their otherworldly and exquisitely human vision in the streets. There’s Salvia, the model, makeup and performance artist who’s collaborated with Rick Owens, and combines extraterrestrial expression with prosthetics, SFX and Photoshop to expand corporal notions.  And then there are completely digital artists, who play with imagination, physical form and alien visions, integrating the live into the virtual. 

Among these is Harriet Davey (she/they), a Berlin-based 3D artist known for her shiny, lustrous alien-like creatures. In her world, everyone is just a little more glistening, a little more light-filled. Technical precision and experimentation give way to ethereal, post-earth imaginings. She’s created avatars for Margiela, collaborated with experimental musicians, and translated dreams and nightmares into vivid animations. 

We connected with the creative ahead of her exhibition in Paris to talk virtual worlds, online alter-egos and the future of digital art.