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THE GIFT EDIT: Footwear Curated by Keith Herron

The Advisry designer shares his top footwear picks for the holiday season. 


The holidays are right around the corner and finding the right gift for your loved ones is top of mind. This winter, GOAT reached out to some of the most creative names in our network to curate gift guides for a seamless holiday shopping experience. 

Keith Herron is best known as the founder and designer of emerging New York-based brand Advisry. Starting his design career at just 13 years old, the label leans heavily on influences from the world of cinema, characterized by graphic streetwear and experimental tailoring. In recent years, the likes of Steve Lacy and Tyler, The Creator have been seen wearing Advisry garments.  

Below, Herron offers his opinions on the best shoes to gift this holiday season. Explore his curated selection, featuring options from A-COLD-WALL*, adidas, Maison Margiela and more.

Keith Herron sports a test sample of an unreleased Advisry sneaker.