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10 Chinese Designers Making Waves Around the Globe

From Rui Zhou to Bad Binch TONGTONG, meet the creative voices exporting singular ideas internationally.

WRITER: Ann Binlot

In 2021, Rui Zhou made waves in the fashion community as the first Chinese fashion designer to be named one of the nine finalists for the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers. Although Zhou did not win the grand prize, she was named the winner of the Special Prize; a somewhat miraculous achievement for a 20-something who grew up in a small town in southern China, thousands of miles removed from global fashion capitals.

Zhou is just one of many names leading the pack of emerging young Chinese designers whose clothes are gaining attention in the mainstream fashion world. Others include Terrence Zhou of Bad Binch TONGTONG, Gong Li of 8on8, QiQi Yuan and BoChao Yuan of Buerlangma, Windowsen, Danica Zheng of DANZ, Louis Shengtao Chen, YanYan, Wei Wang and Tian Shi of Marrknull.

Rui Zhou SS23; DANZ SS23   
DANZ SS23   
YanYan SS23; Windowsen SS23   
Bad Binch TONGTONG SS23   
Marrknull SS23; Bad Binch TONGTONG SS23   
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