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Layering Essentials for Fall

Apparel and accessories curated by stylist Donna Lisa.

INTRO: Jalyn Eaton

Autumn is a season defined by strategic layering, where you can start with one outfit in the morning and end up in a completely new one by the afternoon. For some, this time of year signifies the return of turtlenecks and sweaters, while others in colder climates are already back to wearing leather coats and puffer jackets. But no matter where you are, transitional pieces designed for the period between summer and winter are essential this time of year. Stylist and costume designer Donna Lisa, known for her work with artists such as Jesse Jo Stark and Post Malone, weighs in on the best styles to take you through the fall season.

Get inspired by Donna Lisa’s selection below, featuring Off-White, Loewe, Bottega Veneta and more.