On the streets of Harajuku, the legendary Tokyo street style photographer behind FRUiTS Magazine captures a new generation of creatives.

Photography and text by Shoichi Aoki

In February 2017 after 20 years and 233 issues, Shoichi Aoki shut down FRUiTS Magazine because "there [were] no more cool kids to photograph." For GREATEST, the legendary Tokyo street style photographer returns to the streets of Harajuku to document post-pandemic culture and the return of the cool kid.


The youthful energy that was crushed by the pandemic is on the verge of carving out an entirely new culture. This spirit we’re seeing in Harajuku is expressed through an evolving sense of fashion. To document this phenomenon, I shot 10 Gen Z creatives at the vanguard of this emergent culture.

— Shoichi Aoki

This feature originally appeared in GREATEST ISSUE 06. Discover the full magazine at select stockists.